Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection competent person training provides the information employees need to work safely when working at height, and satisfies the training requirements in the Cal-OSHA Standards on Fall Protection. If your employees work at height, they need to work safely and understand fall protection.

After this full-day training attendees will understand the different levels of competence required of an Authorized Person, a Competent Person and a Qualified Person; the OSHA/Cal-OSHA rules and regulations for working at height; and the fall protection options currently available.

Several types of fall protection will be demonstrated and there will be open discussions of their best applications as well as situations they are not well suited for. Topics will include discussions about the correct uses of fall arrest and fall restraint systems, the importance of good harness fit, the regular and biannual equipment inspections, and having a rescue plan.

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John Balestrini

Fall protection trainer John Balestrini is co-founder and Managing Partner at The Barritt Group, a safety and risk consulting group providing assistance in management services, safety trainings, program development and implementation, recently focusing on developing emergency response plans for pump stations throughout California in accordance with SWRCB SSMP requirements. 

Prior to that he was the Solar City Safety Director and a Risk Management Consultant for Gregory B. Bragg & Associates.  He is an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) and has completed the Safety Center Safety Specialist Program in addition to being a Fall Protection Competent Person Trainer.  

John received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento and a Master of Business Administration from University of California, Davis.