SMART Response: SSO and Backup Response Documentation

SMART Response is the only mobile app that sewer crews need when responding to Sanitary Sewer Overflows to effectively:

  • Collect, in the field, information required by CIWQS
  • Transmit, in real time, information, including photos and video, to supervisors and managers at their desk
  • Determine accurate and defensible SSO volume estimates with supporting photographic and video evidence
  • Collect and transmit, in real time, information your agency’s claims adjustors need to rapidly respond to sewer backups impacting private property
  • Quickly determine what regulatory notifications may be required
  • Have a reference source for safety topics, SOPs and more!
  • SMART Response was developed by engineers and wastewater professionals and reviewed by regulators so you can rest assured that you are capturing the right information, making accurate calculations and performing the required notifications.

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